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About NJE Tech

CEO’s Message

With the attitude of a true molder, a professional molder
We will practice customer satisfaction as a small
but strong press mold manufacturing company.

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Starting in May 2012
Until now, we are striving to become a company that leads the change and technology of the same industry through continuous change and management innovation by insisting on only one way of mold technology.

Our mission is to ensure high quality and timely delivery through
an innovative process of mold manufacturing with the know-how we have accumulated
so far, and to be responsible for the customer’s requirements to the end.

We promise to establish a foothold for growth as a global mold manufacturing small but strong company through pioneering export markets, and to share and sympathize with customers and become Korea’s representative press mold manufacturing company.

Please keep an eye on NJ Tech, which is growing into a global mold
manufacturing giant.

thank you.